The Socialist presents an English edition

Capitalism is devastating the lives of people, not only in S. Korea but also all over the world. In the United States, the center of the capitalist world, we can see people’s struggles against capitalism growing rapidly. In this situation, international solidarity for moving beyond capitalism to socialism is becoming an urgent task. We present an English edition to introduce our articles and activities to the comrades who engage in socialist movements in foreign countries and to enhance international solidarity.

The English edition will provide articles that socialists around the world might be interested in. The main themes of these articles are:
• social, economic, and political issues in S. Korea and our positions on them;
• the labor movements in S. Korea;
• the political issues of the Korean Peninsula and two Koreas;
• the theory of socialism, socialist viewpoints on women’s liberation and ecological crises, etc..

If you want to know more about The Socialist, please see ’About us’.

From now on, we will update the English edition steadily. We look forward to growing international solidarity among socialists all over the world.


August 21, 2019

The Socialist Editorial Committee