The Founding Statement

The so-called “real” socialism has collapsed 25 years ago. Even though a number of bourgeoisie intellectuals said that capitalism would be permanent after the collapse of “Real” socialism, capitalism started to reveal obvious contradictions in itself only in 10 years, around the year 2000. The economic crisis that occurred in 2008 in the United State, the suzerain of the world capitalist system has not been solved and the crisis has ever fallen into a deeper abyss. As a result, the lives of workers are on the verge of ruin. The gap between the richer and the poor is getting bigger in the most parts of life; workers are driven to lay-offs and precarious irregular jobs; small business owners are collapsing; youths are suffering from unemployment. Working people’s life is becoming that of barbarism.

The reason that workers suffer from such barbaric life lies in the capitalist system. An alternative to this barbarism cannot be found unless we go beyond the capitalist system; the alternative is the socialist system. socialism is the only solution to put an end to the barbarism created by the capitalist system and to guarantee a humane life of working people.

However, it is hard to hear a voice talking about Socialism as an alternative system. As the contradictions of capitalism have been more serious over time, despairs become prevailing as shown in the recently coined inauspicious terms such as ‘N-give-up generation1’, ‘dirt spoon2’, or ‘ruined for this life,’ whereas opposition to the capitalist system itself has not gained any momentum. Swinging to the right and rallied with the liberals, the progressive movements in South Korea have reached conditions where they can’t be considered as being progressive any more at the moment they needs to be radicalized more than ever. As a result, even liberals have become to be considered progressive. On the other hand, there have been attempts to establish, promote, and disseminate the socialist ideas by avowed socialist forces, but such attempts failed to reinforce the socialist workers’ movement. We believe socialist media will be a  powerful tool to overcome the current realities where no socialists’ voices against capitalism are heard despite the collapsing capitalist system. This is the reason we publish The Socialist.

The objective of The Socialist is to reinforce and develop the socialist workers’ movement by propagating and disseminating socialist ideas and strengthening ideological struggles to establish the thoughts of workers. In order to achieve this objective, The Socialist will stand firmly on the ground of socialism. The Socialist pursues socialism that opposes all kinds of oppression and adheres human liberation; socialism that learns from “Real” socialism and deepens and develops democracy; socialism that actively incorporates newly emerging issues such as women, ecology, and minorities into itself from the Marxist viewpoint. The Socialist will try to promote the socialist consciousness of workers by providing articles with in-depth analysis through online and off-line periodicals, and designing and delivering various programs for workers.

We publish The Socialist not because it is easy to do so, but because it is necessary. Our strength can be found in the fact that present situations call for Socialism as an alternative to capitalism which is in practice at an incorrigible state. We are taking our first step to publish The Socialist to reinforce and develop the socialist workers’ movement. We firmly believe that our sowing this grain of wheat will lead to an immense field of wheat.

September 4, 2016

Initiators of  The Socialist


1. The term refers to a generation that gives up numerous things. It derived from ‘Sampo generation’ or ‘3 give-up generation’ that refers to a generation that gives up courtship, marriage, and childbirth. Two or more elements such as employment and home ownership were added to the term over time before it ended up with the current form.

2. This is a newly coined term that refers to young people who grew up in a poor family.