Steering and editorial staffs

Sung Doo-hyun

The Head of Steering Committee

Ahn Kyoung-ho


Kim Kwang-su


Woo Jeong-ryong


Park Nam-il


Lee Tae-ha


Park Jun-kyu

secretary general

Lee Young-su

The Head of Editorial Committee

Lee Gi-beum


Kim Kwang-ho


Lee Seung-sook


Kim Min-jae


Hwang Jung-gyu

chief editor

Lee Geun-haeng


How The Socialist works

The Socialist adheres to the socialist perspective.

The Socialist will stand firmly on the ground of socialism. The Socialist pursues socialism that opposes all kinds of oppression and adheres to human liberation; socialism that learns from “Real” socialism and deepens and develops democracy; socialism that actively incorporates newly emerging issues such as women, ecology, and minorities into itself from the Marxist viewpoint.

The Socialist provides articles with in-depth analysis.

Many things happen these days, but there are few in-depth articles; even progressive media often stay merely in the general democratic view. Analyzing situations from the socialist perspective will be of great help to those longing for clearer perspectives and alternatives.

The Socialist uses both on and off line.

The Socialist will not only provide articles online, but also make activities to communicate closely with workers, as well as paper magazines.

The Socialist is based on open and active participation of reporters and media members.